My Naturist Experience at Vritomartis

When we arrived at Vritomartis nudist resort, after a beautiful and exciting trip over the White Mountains from Chania, we were pleasantly surprised. Mountain goats were climbing along the road and we drove off the road and rolled the windows down to soak in the warm air, smell the mountains and bimling sound from the goats bells was all around. On the road down to Hora Sfakia, a big sign popped up and showed us the way to Vritomartis. The road down to the hotel welcomed us with beautiful flowering shrubs.


We got a warm welcome already at the reception. I talked a lot with the desk staff who were really nice and friendly to help. The atmosphere among the staff were generally nice, effortless and helpful, both when it came to restaurant, reception and everywhere else where we met the staff.

The staff are all dressed in clothes and uniformed. Other naturist places I have visited the staff has been dressed as their guests giving a different atmosphere than I saw it on Vritomartis. But clothes or no clothes, the staff was full of personality and we were always greeted with smiles and a little chat.

Travelling with a child in Greece is fantastic. Greeks loves children and they can not help but show it. Our boy attracted hugs and warmth from everyone he passed by, and also the staff would sometimes throw what they had in their hands to give him their love. Our hearts melted — time after time.

The location

Vritomartis is located approximately one kilometer drive from the beautiful and quiet town of Hora Sfakia and is located relatively close to the sea. Vritomartis consists of a hotel with restaurant, bar/lounge and a pool area, and associated bungalows, all of which is in direction to the water. There is also a mini market, playground for the kids and a sports area for those who want to play tennis, chess or petanque.


My wife got a massage at Vritomartis. It was Mother’s Day and what better way is there than to spoil her with an hour of self-indulgence for our week in Crete? She got a full body massage by a skilled masseur, and came afterwards slightly light-headed and happy down to us who in the meantime had been playing by the pool.

Swimming Pool

There are two pools at Vritomartis, an adult pool and a children’s pool. Both pools were clean and inviting to use. I enjoyed myself by taking a dip as the first thing in the morning — a great refreshing way to wake up. Our boy spend a lot of time in the children’s pool, and there was actually some bath toys you could borrow and play with all day, which I think is a fantastic idea. Everybody showered themselves before they went into the water, and the water was cleaned every morning, which meant that the water was always clean and fresh to dive in.


There were many opportunities to go on excursions and there were many activities and events to participate in. There was, for example organized archery competitions, naturist snorkel trips, naturist hikings in canyons, and much more. We did not attend any of them, but we noticed that the the guests who had been off some of the excursions had grown stronger fellowship feelings and unity at the hotel was strengthened on these trips.

The beach

The beach that belongs to Vritomartis was surprisingly good and was much more child-friendly than we had hoped for. The current in the sea was strong and not exactly something for a 4 year old boy to go out and swim in, but there was a small plateau in the ocean where the water only flowed easily over and created a small stream of the sea, where our boy loved to play. The beach itself was mostly pebbles as it is in most parts of Crete, but it doesn’t matter when you can hire a sunbed to lie on. All in all we were very happy to get to the beach which was easy to get to by car but also easy if you choose to walk. The beach is the most beautiful. The water is almost luminescent turquoise and is surrounded by dusty brown mountains and is glittering and shining when you arrive.

The food

The food at Vritomartis is a whole chapter to themselves. Normally, the buffet food is not something I particularly appreciate highly in a hotel, as it is often monotonous, repetitive and boring. On Vritomartis however, we were pleasantly surprised! The food on the hotel was really good and they managed to create exciting and varied food every day. The salad were no less than amazing and the good Greek specialties was exciting and fresh. Even for the picky mouth there would be something that could make you happy every day. Our boy of 4 years also liked the food, and we always found something he liked.

Everything has an end

And we had to go home again after a week. We were flying to Denmark early in the morning and we had to leave Vritomartis a day before scheduled because we did not want to drive in the mountains at night. We were actually quite sad about having to leave Hora Sfakia and Vritomartis earlier than first planned and especially when we arrived to our hotel where we had to sleep overnight. Besides that I had developed a neck abscess and high fever as a result, we arrived to a hotel and an area which so greatly disappointed us.

After our boy was put to sleep we sat and reflected we over our week in Crete. We already missed Vritomartis, Hora Sfakia and the southern half of Crete. We had seen so much of the original, authentic Crete, and the contrast from what we came from and what we came to, in the north, was huge. For the record, I will just briefly mention that I and my throat came after a trip to the doctor and a proper game of penicillin — and a week’s holiday in Crete and Vritomartis before probably has helped to strengthen me to get on my feet quickly.

Now sounds in our memories, bimling sound from mountain goats, the scent of wild thyme and Hora Sfakia Pie … The sounds of splashing and softly voices at the swimming pool … the eternal turquoise blue water and the always smiling Greeks, proud and present.

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